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14mar18:00- 23:59Drive Fast Nocturne by Alpha Roméo

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(Samedi) 18:00 - 23:59

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    Qc7bQeF9y0I —

    « I told them, if we haven’t qualified for next week we’re going to quit.  »  » If we weren’t going to qualify, they won’t have to talk to me anymore »

    Qxc4 b5 d5 48. Qxc4 d5 49. Qxd5 g5 50. Qxd5 Nc6 51. Rd8+ Kf8 52. f3 Qb3 53. Rd8+ Kd7 54. Ne8+ Kc7 55. Rc8 Kb6 56. Rxc8 Rd7 57. Rxh7+ Nh8 58. Rb8+ Kc7 59. Be3 h6 60. Qa4 Bb7 61. Qxa7 Ng4 62. Qa5 a5 63. Rb7+ Kd7 64. Rc7+ Kb6 65. Qe7+ Ke7 66. Qe7+ Kd7 67. Bd4 Qc6 68. Qe7+ Kd7 69. Qe8+ Kd7 70. Rc8# 1-0 « TSL TvP »] « Saint Petersburg »] « 2016.06.30 »] « 8 »] « Tillson »] « Kreis »] « 1-0 »] « C93 »] « 2694 »] « 2829 »] « Ramirez Alvarez,Alejandro »] « 74 »] « 2015.??.?? »] 1. d4 {This is a bit boring. Your choice will determine the end result.} f5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. dxc6 Qe8 {Black wins the exchange} 4. Bxd6 {As expected, Nd6 is very powerful since it can also be passed to Oleg} c5 {Now is the moment for the attack for Black!} 5. O-O-O g6 {White has some good threats against his two pawn knight.} 6. e5 a5 7. dxc6 bxc6 8. Bb4 {So Black will try to play Qb4 while White is in retreat.} gxf3 9. Bg5 (9. bxc5 O-O 10. gxf3 Qxe4 {is interesting as Black needs to find some counterplay} 11. e5 b6 12. cxd4 Qxb6 13. Nxe4 g5 {or, Black needs t

    Chief minister confident on gay marriage bill ahead of court cases

    On Tuesday, a bench of the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case challenging the constitutionality of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. The bench is also examining a petition filed by the government of India seeking to stop the issue from coming up for a referendum.

    Jaitley said the petitioners were correct in saying that no matter which side of the argument one takes on the issue of Section 377, it should not be used as a basis to discriminate against any religion. The court, however, will hear the matter based on Section 14(2) of the Constitution, which provides for constitutional amendment. The court is set to rule soon on the validity of the Act on marriage.

    « One of the main issues in the petition is the issue of equality. That issue has to be addressed. If the court allows that to come up for a referendum, then the Indian Constitution will be changed, » Jaitley told reporters after the court adjourned a hearing of the petition in the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Tuesday. The SC has not yet made any judgment on the matter as of now.

    In November 2014, a district court in Madhya Pradesh had struck down an earlier version of the Indian Penal Code, which made it a crime to « insult, abuse or cause insult to the dignity of a Scheduled Castes » or to « cause or incite such an insult ». The court in May issued an interim order, saying the act was unconstitutional but the case was under consideration for the high court. The high court may make a final judgment on the constitutionality of the Act, which was struck down in the court on April 10 by the Madhya Pradesh high court.

    However, Jaitley said the court will be able to come up with a comprehensive judgement for the amendment of the Act as the « law of a democratic state is different from the law of a parliamentary state ».

    Jaitley said the Supreme Court was not about to entertain any constitutional challenge to the new law but was only following the directions of the government of India, which is also an interlocutor in this issue.

    « We have to respect the law of a democratic state. In this case, there is no constitutional challenge to the amendment of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and no constitutional challenge on any other sections in the Constitution that could be made available. But what our government has now done, which is very serious and which raises issues and is absolutely wrong, is to put the constitutional guarantee in the Indian Constitution itself, » Jaitley said.

    « You should not think that what has been said by my government – it’s not new; the government of India says, we want to enact this. What we want no

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    The Australian government has been rocked by an unprecedented wave of sexism and discrimination following a series of disturbing allegations of sexual abuse made against elite athletes.

    Among the latest allegations is that a man from south-west Australia, aged 31, has admitted to repeatedly sexually assaulting three female gymnasts.

    The men – from a Sydney, New South Wales, school of gymnastics, who were employed by the Australian national team – have all been accused of molesting gymnasts of different ages at the Sydney’s Lockyer Park gymnastics centre over more than 12 years.

    A third, 28-year-old South Australia gymnast who has been accused of sexual assaults and is understood to be living in the country’s Gold Coast, was allegedly involved in the crime of other boys.


    Hodgson river station sold to north star pastoralist farmers but the river has dried up and the village will have to become sustainable.

    Hodgson will lose one of its leading institutions.

    Guns to the rescue

    Guns to the rescue

    Ranger Chris King, from the Australian National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, said the state government should be focusing on helping indigenous communities.

    « If you are Aboriginal you have to be able to defend yourself, » he said.

    « The main thing that you can’t do is sit down and do nothing. »

    Guns to the rescue: Chris King wants the state government to help the Torres Strait Islander communities that lose services like the police and emergency services.

    Mr King said the state government’s decision will further the state’s legacy of « shocking ignorance, an appalling lack of knowledge or understanding of Aboriginal people in remote, bush, remote-remote areas ».

    He said Indigenous people in remote Aboriginal communities, known as the bushmanry, had no weapons or tools and often had to rely on fire and hunting as a means of survival.

    « This has made them a persecuted people, a persecuted minority, I’ve met a few indigenous leaders where they have been murdered and forced to live in a concentration camp and their weapons in their bush.

    « So, we really don’t want that to happen in our state. »

    Mr King said he felt Indigenous people had been ignored by federal and state governments.

    « This is a really big deal. It really gets me, I think, especially in the Northern Territory… because what this means for the future of Aboriginal people on our continent is that we haven’t really got much we can do.

    « We’re going to be living in our own history. We’re going to have to learn to be self-reliant and, by necessity, to be prepared for things that happen to us or the people we serve. »

    Sorry, this video has expired Video: Indigenous leaders and officials support gun buyback (ABC News)

    The federal government has earmarked $3.3 million to create a national gun buyback scheme.

    But the money will only be earmarked for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gun clubs.

    Topics: crime, indigenous-aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander, indigenous-policy, state-parliament, federal-government, indigenous-cultural-and-heritage, federal—state-issues, community-and-society, australia

    First posted

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